Quality of Life

What is Quality of Life? 

Photo_Sunrise_Over_The_OceanQuality of life recognizes the basic needs of all citizens. All citizens have the right to a decent and just quality of life and the City government of Satellite Beach must uphold this right for its residents, visitors, and workers. Some of these basic needs include quality education, employment, recreational access, healthcare, and a sustained environment.

A good example is the Handyman program. Handyman support is a service offered to seniors that may be on a fixed income and need extra help with tasks around their home, such as plumbing, electrical, etc. that is provided through the Satellite Beach Methodist Church. 

Quality of life brings all the capitals of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental) together, as all three must be in balance to advance societal sustainability. Achieving sustainability in these capitals will raise the overall quality of living throughout the City by improving the area’s natural environment, reducing public health risk, reducing the long-term cost of living by lowering utility cost through energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy, and making the City safer to live in. This final category goes over specific ways in which the City is trying to do this.

Quality of Life issues includes the following:

1. Public safety and security needs are met for all citizens
2. Employment opportunities are close to home and have ease of access
3. Confidence in local government and governance
4. A sustainable tax base, where there is ample diversity of land uses so as to not burden one segment of the population

Quality of Life Stressors: 

Stressors to quality of life include personal safety, residential and commercial security, lack of access to basic services, weather-related incidents, environmental health issues, economic challenges at local, state, and federal levels, population growth, social pressures, and poor or outdated infrastructure. 

What is Satellite Beach doing? 

Since the adoption of the City's Sustainability Action Plan, numerous projects, policies, and initiatives have been researched, are under development, or have been completed in order to help the City's overall quality of life. What follows is a list of initiatives and projects currently being undertaken by the City in order to optimize and build resiliency in regards to quality of life. If a bullet point contains a star (*) next to it this means the initiative or project is directly related to fulfilling a Green Achievement Target. Check out the other links below as well to find out more and see what other sustainability-based endeavors there are for you to explore!