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City Clerk's Office
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The Vendor Registration Packet is available for vendors who have recently been awarded a contract by the City of Satellite Beach, or for existing vendors who may have a change in their status, either tax related or address/phone/contact information related.

Utilization of this set of forms will not place your company on the City's vendor register for becoming a potential vendor to do business with the City.

Community Development Department

PLEASE NOTE: The forms below are currently being updated.  To request an updated form today, please send a message to Krista Ellingson at and the form will be emailed to you.

•Application Administrative Review
•Application for Change to City Code
•Building Permit Application    [PLEASE VERIFY YOUR STREET ADDRESS HERE]
•Roofing Compliance Affidavit    [PLEASE VERIFY YOUR STREET ADDRESS HERE]
•Request for Conditional Use
•Application for Local Business Tax Receipt (Commercial Business)
•Application for Local Business Tax Receipt (Home Business)
•Property Owner Affidavit
•Home Occupation Code Agreement
•Brevard County License Information
•Brevard County Unlicensed Contractor Program Information
•Handyman Affidavit
•Development Plan Approval Application
•Fire Protection Permit
•Notice of Commencement
•Application for Rezoning
•Utilities Excavation Permit
•Sign Permit Application
•Special Activity Application
•Application to Vacate Portion of Recorded Easement
•Variance Application •Owner/Builder Disclosure Statement
•Site Plan Template 4-17-12 Rev 3
•Backyard Chickens Pilot Program Application and Permit
•Product Approval Form
•Business Tax Receipts Change/Transfer Form