Environmental Health Investigation

Environmental Health Investigation

**Please Note: All investigations are for groundwater, which is used for irrigation purposes. The drinking water for Satellite Beach residents is provided by the City of Melbourne and comes from Lake Washington in Melbourne.

Earlier this year concerned citizens began asking about whether activities at and around Patrick Air Force Base over the years could have led to contamination of groundwater and/or cancer cases for those in the area.  These initial questions have led to many others, including topics such as drinking water and development activities; however there are still many historical details that are unknown and there may be questions that can never be fully answered. 

The City of Satellite Beach is committed to evaluating these claims in a proactive and logical manner.  This process involves working with other groups in the community to learn more and ask questions.  The City is already working with Patrick Air Force Base, Brevard County, the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida Department of Health, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, state elected officials, and many others.  As we gather relevant historical information and as new reports and information is developed, it will be posted to this page for our residents to review.  If you have questions or would like to understand more about the situation, please call City Hall at 321-773-4407. 

At our October 3, 2018 meeting, City Council approved spending approximately $15,000 in unbudgeted funds to conduct additional groundwater testing.  Those tests are currently expected to start in early November and the City anticipates a report of results sometime in December.  Results will be posted to this page.

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