Satellite Beach ShadeHouse

Planting with a Purpose:

One of the first aspects completed at the Logos Community Garden was its shadehouse. The City of Photo_ShadehouseSatellite Beach, in partnership with Keep Brevard Beautiful and Balance For Earth, built the shadehouse to provide a place where residents and City staff alike could grow and nurse young plants that could later go on to be used within the community garden itself or for other vegetation projects around the City. One such example are the numerous Black and Red Magroves growing throughout the structure. One day, these juvenile trees will be planted along the shorelines of the Indian River Lagoon to restore habitat and improve water quality.

In May of 2017, thirty community volunteers helped to plant native vegetation around the shadehouse to both beautify it and provide a habitat for pollinators. The natives are watered with a drip line that is connected to four rainbarrels set at each of the shadehouses four corners. An interior sprinkler system adorns the top perimeter of the structure that is connected to two wells at the front of the shadehouse, which can be turned on for watering of the plants inside.
The City encourages garden renters and visitors alike to use the Shadehouse and enjoy its beauty as they will be greeted with its cooling interior and a sense of literally being surrounded by nature with all of its natural growth. If you have any questions about the shadehouse please contact the City's Environmental Programs Coordinator, Nicholas Sanzone, via email ( or call 321-773-4407 (ex. 227).

For more information on native plants and how the City`s codes support native planting please view Sec. 30-702. - Landscaping in all zoning districts.  section 30-704.