Community Garden Network of Brevard

The CGNB: 

The Community Garden Network of Brevard (CGNB) is a new and developing network of local communityPhoto_Community_Garden_Network_of_Brevard_Logo gardens across Brevard County that is aspiring to be a nonprofit. Other such networks exist in many different forms across the country ranging from scales that range from city to state levels. Two such respective examples include the San Diego Community Garden Network and the Community Garden Network of Vermont.

The CGNB can trace its roots back to a small, committed group of diverse students at the Florida Institute of Technology attempting to establish the university's first community garden. After over a year of researching, designing, planning, and construction, the students were finally successful in accomplishing their endeavor when the Ethos Community Garden opened in February 2017. But through their experiences, challenges, and successes they found that local resources and knowledge in which to pull from were scattered.

After the City of Satellite Beach established its own community garden at Desoto Park several months later, the Logos Community Garden, with help from the same student team who had founded Ethos, it was determined a network could be developed around these two sister gardens that went beyond namesake.

Taking inspiration from other like-minded organizations and seeing a vested interest in community gardening emerging across Brevard County, a group of individuals from six local organizations, companies, and cities came together to form the Community Garden Network of Brevard in the summer of 2018. According to the architects of the CGNB, the network strives to give Brevard County citizens the tools, knowledge, and support to establish and maintain community gardens while promoting local resiliency.

The networks mission statement is as follows:

The Community Garden Network of Brevard County serves to inspire, connect, and support local efforts in sharing knowledge and resources for the creation and maintenance of sustainable urban and suburban gardens.

In our unique network, we promote volunteerism, awareness, inclusion, and education to empower both citizens and municipalities to undertake their own environmental and agricultural projects.

Our mission is to enhance and maintain the natural beauty of our county’s ecosystems while helping others achieve best practices in meeting their economic, environmental, and social needs.

The City of Satellite Beach and its community garden are a proud member of this growing network. Other network member gardens currently include:

  • The Ethos Community Garden at Florida Tech

  • The Logos Community Garden at Desoto Park (Satellite Beach)

  • The Pathos Community Garden at Cocoa Beach

  • The Kairos Community Garden at Cape Canaveral

  • The Eco Verdi Community Garden at Eau Gallie  

  • The Wickham Park Community Garden at Melbourne

  • Rockwell Collins Campus Community Garden