Growing a Community

Green thumbs wanted: 

Garden plots in the Logos Community Garden can be rented for exactly one year at a cost of $50. Rentable plots are currently full for this growing year, which runs from October 2017 to October 2018. If you wish to become a garden renter next year please fill out the application link here and submit it to the City’s Environmental Programs Coordinator, Nicholas Sanzone via email ( Please note that at this time there is a waiting list. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Nicholas Sanzone via telephone at 321-773-4407 (ex. 227).

The Logos story: 

Even though the building and maintaining of a community garden somewhere within the City limits is a Green Achievement Target (GAT) per the City’s Sustainability Action Plan the concept has existed well before the adoption of the plan. A love of gardening is something that many residents share and it was believed there should be a communal space where ideas and expertise could come together and grow to form a beautiful urban agriculture environment. ThPhoto_Logos_Community_Garden_Shadehouse e first significant movement towards the construction of a community garden began when in 2016 the concept was brought before the City’s Sustainability Board by nine-year-old resident Roman Vigliotti. Later, the idea was officially passed by City Council.

To further ensure its eventual reality, the construction of a Satellite Beach community garden was made a GAT within the City’s Sustainability Action Plan, which was adopted in May of 2017. After site scoping, the open field just to the south of the Desoto Park racquetball courts was chosen to be the garden’s new home. In the early summer of 2017 construction began on the garden’s shadehouse and plots, which were modeled after beds utilized at the Ethos Community Garden on the campus of the Florida Institute of Technology. Beds were built with the help of Public Works, Eagle Scout Troop 309, City officials, and volunteers from Florida Tech.

A total of twenty 4x8 garden beds were built, each one two feet deep and made from treated wood for frames and corrugated metal for siding. They are arranged from east to west in the shape of an S to represent the word sustainability. The garden also hosts thirteen rain barrels that can cumulatively hold almost 800 gallons of rainwater that is collected from the racquetball court’s roofing gutter. When watering, residents are always encouraged to use water from this system but wells with spigots and hoses are in place around the garden as well in case there is a drought and rainwater is unavailable.

Photo_Logos_Community_Garden_Entrance_Sign The Logos Community Garden as it came to be called had its grand opening on October 28, 2017. You may be wondering why the name Logos? What does that mean? Remember how the garden’s beds were based on Florida Tech’s design? Their university community garden is named Ethos and since the gardens share the same design and there was much collaboration between the university and the City when building Satellite Beach’s garden, it was thought appropriate to follow the naming linage and call the City’s Logos, which is an appeal to logic by using facts and data according to Aristotle’s modes of persuasion. The two gardens are now considered “sister gardens” and often volunteer coordination between them for various events and knowledge sharing.

A third “sister garden”, Pathos, was recently completed in Cocoa Beach, using the same bed design as Logos and Ethos through collaboration between citizens of the two cities and Florida Tech. Together, the three gardens are helping to form the backbone of the new Community Garden Network of Brevard (CGNB). More on that initiative here.

If you are a renter or just someone enjoying its beauty the City asks that you please respect the community garden’s space and its surroundings. Please remember to keep individual plots neat, organized, and thoroughly weeded. Please dispose of trash in receptacles located around Desoto Park. Please try not to use synthetic fertilizers and herbicides and do not leave personal items within the garden as they could be accidentally taken or stolen. Also, if one is using a well to water their plot, please always remember to turn the well off before leaving. Thank you!

For more information on how the Logos Community Garden came to be, follow the link here to view its own Storymap. You can also check out the short video series below showing the garden’s construction and the grand opening ceremony.

Community Garden Video #1

Community Garden Video #2

Community Garden Video #3