Satellite Beach Mets

 The Satellite Beach Mets

In 1973, Percy Hedgecock, George Grabosky and Harold Phillips recognized the lack of sports opportunities  for teenage girls.  Inspired by the Comets, they formed a 13-15 division girls team to represent Satellite Beach: the Mets.  Driven by selfless coaches, supportive families and a grateful City, the “Amazing Mets” made history by winning an unprecedented 3 National Championships in a row from 80-82. 

For over a decade, Coaches George Grabosky, Harold Phillips, Hub Hedgecock, Al Orihuela, Hap Habovick, and Dixie Thompson along with loyal support from Anna Grabosky and Irma Hedgecock, were the driving forces in the numerous accomplishments of the Mets. These caring, attentive role models lead the girls to victory on the ball field and set them on a path for success in life.

1979. Florida State Champs.


R1: Brenda Beck, Julie Smith, Kim Ferguson, Kerry Hoover (Bat girl), Rosie Brantley, Kathy Doerer.
R2: Donna Bentley, Ingrid Palmore, Tutti Swift, Susan Tillman, Kelly Hoover, Maggie de la Rosa, Kim Orihuela, Karla Fannell.
R3: Coach Hub Hedgecock, Irma Hedgecock, Becky de la Rosa, Julie Ketterer, Coach Al Orihuela, Valerie Mercado, Edith Ferguson, Tracy King, Tina Petro, Coach George Grabosky, Kara Carlsen, Coach Annie Grabosky.

Aug 1980. ASA Girls 13-15 National Champs

80Mets NC  
The Satellite Beach Mets were considered 3rd best in the state of Florida going in to the National Tournament for 13-15 girls division held in Binghamton, NY.  By the end of the tourney, the Mets were National Champs finishing with a record of 6-1. Undefeated in the winners bracket, the Mets lost 2-1 to Jake's of Garden City, Michigan 2-1 in the first match up forcing a winner take all final game.  Timely hitting and a stellar defense lead the Mets to a 4-0 victory and their 1st National Title.

R1: Rosie Brantley, Maggie de la Rosa, Julie Smith, Ingrid Palmore, Tutti Swift, Kathy Doerer, Tina Petro, Kerry Hoover (Bat girl), Brenda Beck, Susan Tillman
R2: Coach Annie Grabosky, Edith Ferguson, Coach Al Orihuela, Kim Ferguson, Tracy King, Karla Fannell, Kara Carlsen, Julie Ketterer, Coach George Grabosky, Kelly Hoover, Donna Bentley, Valerie Mercado, Kim Orihuela, Becky de la Rosa, Irma Hedgecock (Score Keeper), Coach Hub Hedgecock.

Aug 1981.  National Champs- 2nd Straight ASA Softball Title

Its hard enough to win a national championship once, but even harder to win it twice.  And that's exactly what the Satellite Beach Mets did last weekend, winning the ASA 13-15 year-old national championship in Pine Bluff, AR for the second straight year.  The Mets won all six of their contests in the double-elimination affair and beat the Jacksonville Astros in the finals 8-1. Kelly Hoover was 3 for 4 at the plate, but it was the powerful bat of Kara Carlsen and her two 2-run homers that sealed the victory. 

R1: Kris Desanco, Kim Ferguson, Susan Cordrey, Julie Smith, Tina Thompson
R2: Donna Nagel (Bat girl), Sabrina Pinson, Judy Williams, Susan McDonough, Karen Horak, Ingrid Palmore, Kelly Hoover, Susan Tillman, Kim Orihuela.
R3: Coach Hap Habovick, Coach Al Orihuela, Coach Dixie Thompson, Mary Swift, Kara Carlsen, Pam Noyes, Donna Bentley, Edith Ferguson, Maggie de la Rosa, Irma Hedgecock (Score Keeper), Coach Hub Hedgecock, Coach Annie Grabosky.

 Aug 1982. Amazing Mets win 3 National Championships in a Row!


The first pitch of the national softball tournament held in Satellite Beach was thrown by NASA astronaut Kathryn Sullivan and from then on, it was all about the Satellite Beach Mets.  The Mets would win their next 6 games defeating Moore Oklahoma in the finals to win their 3rd National Championship in a row for girls 13-15 division.  With "In memory of Mr G" patches on their uniforms, the victory was a tribute to Coach George Grabosky who passed unexpectedly the year before. Coach Grabosky was a co-founder of the Satellite Beach Mets 9 years prior and was their coach, along with his wife Ann and Hub Hedgecock, up until his passing.     

R1: Donna Naegel, Karen Horak, Sue Cordrey, Trisha Bentley (Bat Girl), Maggie de la Rosa, Judy Williams, Julie Smith.  
R2: Kim Shankle, Dodie Beck, Kim Ferguson, Tina Thompson, Kris Dasenko, Bonnie Daboll, Susan Tillman. R3: Irma Hedgecock (Score Keeper), Kelly Hoover, Coach Ann Grabosky, Ingrid Palmore, Coach Hap Habovick, Donna Bentley, Pam Noyes, Teresa Sanders, Coach Orihuela, Sabrina Pinson, Heather Kingston, Coach Hub Hedgecock, Coach Dixie Thompson.

Hub and Irma Hedgecock

For nearly two decades, Hub and Irma Hedgecock could be found at the ball fields with one softball team or another. Hub coached while Irma kept score. During the late 60's, Hub helped his brother Percy with the Comets.  Then in 1974, Hub assisted his son Mark coach the Rockets to a 2nd in the Nation finish in the boys 13-15 division.  Next would be the Mets.  Working hand in hand with George Grabosky and his wife Anne, Hub and Irma helped build a championship team while keeping the girls in line and well cared for.   Coach Grabosky passed unexpectedly in 81 after coaching two National championship teams.  Hub, Irma and Anne lead the Mets to a third championship the next year and then all three finally retired from softball in 85.   Thanks for your dedicated service to our Satellite Beach youth!