Satellite Beach Comets

The Satellite Beach Comets

The SB Comets were formed in 1966 by Percy  Hedgecock and were the first woman's competitive slow pitch softball team in South Brevard.  Percy coached the Comets until 1985 and along with wife Helen, provided a generous amount of financial support.  Percy's brother Hub was an assistant coach through the early years, then with George Graboski, founded and coached the 13-15 division girls team, the Satellite Beach Mets.  Daughter Judy was a key player for the Comets until 1972.


 1966 State Champs

66Comets FLChamps

During the inaugural season of the Satellite Beach Comets, they went 40-1 and won the State Tournament.  The rookie team placed 5th at the National Tournament held in Burlington NC with 3 players selected to the  All American (AA) Team.

1st Row:  Gail Conrad, Pat Beake, Richard Todd (Bat Boy), Marvis Griggs, Linda Johnson.
Back Row:  Coach Percy Hedgecock, Martha Barnes (AA), Wilma Todd, Jan Olsson, Judy Hedgecock, Marilyn Busse (AA), Lynn Carpenter (AA), Coach Ray Johnson.  Photo by Sterling

Sept 1969. Florida State Champs and 2nd in the Nation

The Comets entered the State tournament in Ft Lauderdale with a 45-5 record and went undefeated to win the State title beating Pensacola in the championship game.  The National tournament in Chattanooga, TN proved to be a thriller as the Comets finished 2nd to the Miami Dots with both losses going extra innings and decided by one run. Nancy Oldham, Comets 3rd base, was the unanimous MVP of the tournament. 
1st Row: Tina Anderson, Patty Carmichael, Debbie Amos, Kim McGrath (AA), Jean Dowell, Nancy Oldham (AA, Tourney MVP), Judy Hedgecock (AA), Karen McGrath.  2nd Row: Percy Hedgecock (Coach), Val Edgeton, Margaret Humphry (AA), Margaret Dorsey, Sharon Harris (AA), Marsha Erwin, Jo Winfree, Karen Newman (AA), Fran Howell, Jan Ransome.       AA - All American

The Comets Dynamic Duo


  From 1969-1972, the duo of Judy Hedgecock and Nancy
  Oldham helped make the Comets a team to be reckoned
  with.  With Judy as the pitcher, and Nancy as 3rd base or
  short stop, the Comets won two State Titles and finished    2nd in the Nation twice.

  Judy Hedgecock:  7 time All American (69, 70, 72, 75-
  78) National Tourney MVP (75 with Miami Dots), ASA Hall
  of Fame (1981).

  Nancy Oldham:  3 time All American (69, 71, 72) and
  National Tournament MVP (69).

Aug 1970. Florida State Champions

The Comets went undefeated at the State tournament held in Pensacola, FL winning the state title for 2nd year in a row.  Nancy Oldham was named tourney MVP hitting 7 home runs in 4 games, 5 in succession.  At the National tourney held in Parma, Ohio the Comets finished 5th with 3 players named to the All American
Team (Judy Hedgecock, Nancy Oldham, and Jenny Johnson).

1972. 2nd in the Nation


Though the Satellite Comets Woman team had another amazing year of winning and domination, they lost in the championship game 3-2 to the team from Cincinnati to finish 2nd in the Nation.  The National Tournament was held in York, PA.  Six Comets were selected to the All American Team:  Judy Hedgecock, Nancy Oldham, Sharon Harris, Gail Fitzgerald, Jenny Johnson, and Karen McGrath. After the tournament, the Comets disbanded with most of the players heading to college, but the Satellite Beach Comets would return a few years later.

   Aug 1978. ASA Girls 16-18 National Champs

78Comets NChamps 
The Comets went undefeated in the national tourney winning 6 straight games to win their 1st National Championship.  The Comets beat the home team favorites, the Tifton, GA Tomboys, 9-5 in the finals.

R1:  Tina Thompson, Kathy Rogell, Tracy D'Amato.  R2:  Coach Dixie Thompson, Mary Minnick, Angela Chance, Jackie Thorpe, Karyn Wiser, Layne Salvador, Robin Thompson, Janet Beyer, Ionie Murillo. R3:  Coach Percy Hedgecock, Carol Gentile, Martha Litz, Trisha Toomey, Sue Clark, Lisa Nawrock, Ann Spanagel, Tina Moon, and Bobby Simpson (Tourney Director)

1981. 16-18 USSSA & ASA  National Champs

 In successive weekends, the Comets won two National Titles.  Their first title came in the USSSA tournament held in Nashville, Tn.  The Comets entered the championship game with one loss needing to beat the undefeated Sweeney's from Cincinnati, OH.  The Comets rebounded from the losers bracket with wins of 10-6 and 4-2 to take the National Title.  Brenda Beck was named tourney MVP,  four Comets were selected to the All World Team, and Percy Hedgecock was chosen as the Manager of the Year. The following weekend, the Comets went undefeated in the ASA National Tourney held in Cleveland, Tn beating the Jacksonville Sunshiners 5-0 in the finals.  This victory was the Comets 2nd ASA National Title.

R1:  Beth Bentley, Leah Borie, Tammy Evans (Bay Girl), Kathy Doerer (AW), Linda Brown, Julie Ketterer. R2:  Valerie Merchada, Tutli Swift, Tina Petro, Barbara Webb (AW), Lynn Fletcher, Brenda Fletcher.
R3:  Ed Moore (ASA), Coach Percy Hedgecock, Lou Fitzgerald (Rec Dir), Anna Goodnaugh, Comish Ken Tinsley, Becky DeLa Rosa, Carol Sullivan (AW), Angila Hollis, Linda Borie, Brenda Beck (AW), Tracy Heitmann, Coach Judy Hedgecock, Ed Dressler (Head Ump).  AW - All World Team 

Sept 1982.  USSSA Adult Woman World Champs
    82LadyComets (2a) 
In the first major tournament held at the recently completed Hedgecock Sports Complex, the Lady Comets completed a four day undefeated run to win the USSSA World Class A Title and their 1st World Championship.  The Adult Comets beat the team from Cincinnati, Oh 10-6 in the championship game. Martha Litz was selected MVP of the tournament while 6 Comets made the All World Team, and Judy Hedgecock was named USSSA Manager of the Year. Percy Hedgecock, long time coach of the Comets and former Mayor of Satellite Beach, donated the land to Satellite High and with the help of his brother Hub, built the Complex with their own funds and selfless hard work.

R1: Tammy Evans (Bat Girl),Linda Boyle (AW), Mary Minnick, Martha Litz (MVP/AW), Coach Percy Hedgecock, Stephanie Hines (AW), Karen Newman, Tracy Heitmann
R2:  Coach Paul Webb, Beth Brierir, Sue Clark (AW), Sonya Cook (AW), Ernestine Hamel, Lisa Nawrocki, Dana Hale, Marilyn Busse, Carol Sullivan (AW), Coach Judy Hedgecock (AW Manager), Mildred Burrell (USSSA)

Sept 1983. USSSA Girls 16-18 World Champs

83Comets WC 
For the 2nd year in a row, the Satellite Comets won the USSSA World Title on their home turf.  The four day contest included 63 teams from all over the United States and was played at the Hedgecock Sports Complex.  The Comets earned the title by going undefeated and beat the team from Michigan 12-6 in the final game.  Bear Webb, catcher for the Comets, won tourney MVP and 6 Comets made the All World Team.  Both Percy and Judy Hedgecock were selected as Managers of the Year.

R1:  Maggie de la Rosa, Debbie Adams, Kim Floyd, Mary Hoff, Kelly Hoover, Kim Orihuela, Kathy Doerer, Julie Ketterer, Tammy Evans (Bat Girl), Shawn Evans (Bat Boy).
R2:  Coach Paul Webb, Allison Slentz, Becky de la Rosa, Maria McMillin (AW), Rhonda Harris, Chris Bond, Liz Legacki, Coach Judy Hedgecock, Tina Petro (AW), Valerie Mercado (AW), Janet Sainbury, Bear Webb (MVP/AW), Coach Percy Hedgecock, Charlie La Roche (State Director). 
Photo by Frank Westbrook  

Oct 1985. ASA 16-18 National Champs

The Comets won their 4th ASA National Title by beating the team from Mississippi in the championship game.  The Girls 16-18 Division tourney was played in Marietta, GA with 42 teams competing for the title.  This national championship victory marked the end of an amazing legacy for the Satellite Beach Comets as a 16-18 division powerhouse and for slow pitch softball in general.  By the mid to late 80's, interest in girls competitive slow pitch softball had dwindled nationally due to the popularity of fast pitch and the addition of the sport at the college level. 

Players:  Julie Hamlin, Gina Church, Nancy Aguinaga, Susan Stahley, Leslie Hurst, Kelly Hoover, Gaye Haskins, Julie Dennis, Maria McMullin, Tricia Chapman, Dorea Fowler, Michelle Nicol, Barbara Barlow, Andrea Swartz, Sandra Locklear, Stacey Pannell, Dee Williams.