Sustainability Board

(Formerly known as the Green Committee)
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  • contact City Hall at (321) 773-4407.
To make recommendations on a local action plan for climate change and environmental sustainability initiatives.  Periodically Committees are formed under this Board.  Committees formed to-date include:

  • Smart Yard
  • Lagoon Friendly Lawn (Formerly Known as Smart Yard)
  • Community Garden
  • Climate Ambassador Committee: Approved December 6, 2017 by the City Council to serve as a formal Sustainability Board committee.  Membership is not presently limited, as all interested residents are welcome to serve as Climate Ambassador.  The group is tasked with focusing on the effects of climate change, potential adaptation measures, and to discuss new land development regulations that will allow property owners to adapt to new climate conditions.  The last meeting was held on May 01, 2018.  Agendas and Minutes can be obtained by email to:
7 members.


City Manager Courtney Barker 
Executive Assistant to City Manager
Environmental Programs Coordinator

4th Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber.

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