Rental Facilities

Whether you're planning a picnic for a family reunion or looking for a location for your special event, the City has facilities that may accommodate your needs. The Recreation Department accepts reservations by phone or in person. Upon making a facility reservation, the renter is given two weeks to come in to make the full payment and complete the rental contract. Payments of cash, check, and credit cards are accepted, however, if your reservation is made within 30 days of your event, the payment must be paid by cash or credit card. All checks are payable to City of Satellite Beach.

At the discretion of the Recreation Director, the renter may also be required to have and pay for a security guard to be on the premise during the event. Due to the popularity of our facilities, we recommend you make your reservations well in advance.

DRS Community Center


Many community functions and private parties are held at the DRS Community Center. Rentals are available between 8am-1am.

Pelican Beach Clubhouse

The Pelican Beach Clubhouse can accommodate 70 guests and has a wood deck with a beautiful ocean view. Rentals are available between 8am-1am.

Pelican Beach Park

There are 6 pavilions, 2 volleyball courts, and a playground at the Pelican Beach park. The smallest pavilion can accommodate 12 people while the largest can hold 70. Rentals are available between 9am-dusk.