Pre Storm Activities

In anticipation of the arrival of a tropical storm or hurricane, the following actions should be considered to protect your property, as well as adjacent ones:

Trim all loose branches and palm fronds, including coconuts and seedpods, to prevent them from becoming projectiles. DO NOT wait until a storm event has been announced, as it is too late to expect collection of curbside yard waste.

Keep storm drain inlets clear of litter and yard waste. Do not place recycling and/or yard waste on top of inlets. Foreign matter in the storm drain system can cause blockages.

Empty and secure trash and recycling carts.

Secure lawn furniture. If you have a pool, some types of lawn furniture can be put into the pool and retrieved after heavy winds have passed.

Take down or secure awnings, umbrellas and/or canvas shades

Post Storm Activities

Following heavy winds and rains the following actions should be taken:

Collect loose debris and pile in right of way areas off the roadway. Do not pile near fire hydrants or on storm inlet tops.

Report and avoid contact with standing water. Heavy rains, at times, can cause sewer overflow, contaminating stormwater.

Report downed trees or any other obstructions in roadways.

Avoid contact with and report downed power lines.

Report storm drain blockages.

Report downed street or traffic signs.