Staff Teams

Satellite Beach Public Works

The Satellite Beach Public Works Department provides a variety of services throughout the City. While Public Works is mainly viewed as the maintenance vehicle for roads and grounds areas, there is a wide range of functions performed by the department that may go unseen by the public. Being a beachside community, we have many areas where our residents and visitors can take advantage of the beautiful surroundings nature has provided. The frequent use of these facilities and the harsh salt environment requires that we continually maintain these areas to keep them safe and clean for all to use.

Many of Satellite Beach’s residents and visitors enjoy walking or biking through the community. The City has many miles of sidewalk and bike paths, maintained by Public Works, which allow these activities to be done safely. Youth sports has always been a very important part of life in Satellite Beach. The City provides many athletic facilities for various sports. The Public Works Department works very hard to ensure that all of these facilities are well maintained for safe year round activity.

To maintain the many components that make up the infrastructure of Satellite Beach, the Public Works Department is composed of five main divisions or teams.


Administration is a key part of the Public Works mission. The Director and Assistant Director coordinate within the Department to respond to requests for services from Citizens and other Departments. They also interact with other entities, City, State or Federal, for problems in Satellite Beach that are out of our area of responsibility. For example, SR A1A is in Satellite Beach but is maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation, as is SR 513(South Patrick Drive). If there is a problem on either of those roads, work must be coordinated through FDOT.

Facilities Maintenance Team:

Facilities maintains all City buildings, beach accesses/ dune crossovers, and athletic field restroom/ concession areas. They also maintain park facilities, such as Hightower Park and Pelican Beach Park; clubhouse, rental pavilions and restrooms.

Roads and Drainage Team:

Roads & Drainage maintain all City streets and sidewalks, with the exception of those along SR A1A and SR 513. Other responsibilities of this Team include: Street signs and stormwater system maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance Team:

The Grounds crew is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of all City facilities, parks, and common areas. They are also responsible for public right of way areas such as DeSoto Parkway and Jamaica Boulevard. Athletic field maintenance is part of the Grounds Team’s daily workload.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Our Chief Mechanic maintains all Police, Public Works, Fire, and Building and Zoning vehicles and equipment.

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