Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I setup new service?
Water/Sewer/Trash/Recycling: City of Melbourne Water Department (321) 608-7100.
Electric: FPL 1 (888) 988-8249.
Gas: Florida City Gas 1 (800) 993-7546.

Q: How do I report damage to City property?

If damage is caused by criminal intent please call the Police Dept. at 321-773-4400. Otherwise, call the Public Works Dept., 321-777-2309, 7am to 3:30pm, Monday-Friday.

Q: When is my trash/recycling pickup?

Trash pickup is on Tuesdays and Fridays. Recycling pickup is on Mondays. Yard waste pickup is on Mondays.

Q: How do I arrange for large item/debris pickup?

Call Waste Management at 321-723-4455, or click here to schedule a special/bulk pickup.

Q: Who do I call about street signs, traffic lights, or street lights?

Street Signs and Traffic Lights: Call the Public Works Dept., 7:00am to 3:30pm, M-F, 321-777-2309. (For traffic lights after hours, contact the Satellite Beach Police Dept. at 321-773-4400 .)

Signs on A1A or South Patrick Dr: Call the Florida Dept. of Transportation, 321-690-3250

Street Lights: Call Florida Power and Light, 321-723-7795 or report them online at FPL

Q: Who do I call about sewer problems?

Homeowners are responsible for sewer lines to their property line. Repairs on the property must be performed by a licensed plumber or the homeowner.

For problems off of the Owner’s property, in the right of way area, call Brevard County Utilities, 321-633-2091. After hours, 321-633-2093

Q: Who do I call about city water problems and water main breaks?

Problems from the water meter to the home are the responsibility of the Homeowner. For repairs up to and including the meter, call the City of Melbourne at 321-608-5130. After hours, call 321-255-4622

Q: Where can I recycle my used oil?

Motor oil (and container) may be dropped off at Satellite Beach Public Works, 530 Cinnamon Drive. The stand is located in a secured lot located behind the Cinnamon Playground.


Q: Where can I recycle my left over paint/chemicals?

Individual homes (no townhomes, condos, or HOA’s) can drop off products at the Sarno Landfill, Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. Located at 3379 Sarno Rd., Melbourne.  For paint, you may also remove the lid and allow the paint to fully dry out.  Once it is dry, you may dispose of it in your regular trash, leaving the lid off to show that it is dry.  For more information call, 321-635-7954.

Q: Who do I call about dead animals on the roadways?

Brevard County Animal Services 321-633-2024, 7am to 7 pm, M-F, 321-253-6630, 8am to 5 pm, Sat & Sun.

Q: Who do I call to report sidewalk trip hazards, pot holes and drainage issues?

Public Works Department, 321-777-2309, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, M-F

Q: When is Sea Turtle season?

For Brevard County the season is March 1 through October 31.

Call the Sea Turtle Preservation Society at, 321-676-1701 for more information or visit their web page, www.seaturtlespacecoast.org