Stop By & Say Hi

What is Stop By & Say Hi?

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As part of CFAL (Communities for a Lifetime), the Satellite Beach Police Department Volunteer’s are proud to participate in an innovative and beneficial program entitled Stop By & Say Hi, where we literally do just that.

The goal of this program is to provide weekly companionship, friendship, support and basic resources to our city residents.  Through this program, we believe in doing random acts of kindness and “Paying It Forward” by giving back to the community and showing our residents that we care.  

Our lucky participants can be referred to our Stop By & Say Hi Program at any time. There are no requirements in order to participate, except that they must live in the City of Satellite Beach.  Our residents can be of any age or background.  They can be someone you know such as a friend, family member, loved one, or a neighbor of any age.  They may simply be in need of companionship, be lonely, be a caregiver, a shut-in, a cancer patient or just lost a loved one.  They may be feeling lonely or isolated due to limitations or have no immediate family living close by.

The Stop By & Say Hi Program is so simple and free of charge.  A team of handpicked volunteers (2) make weekly social visits at the resident’s discretion.  Everything is confidential and nothing is done without the resident’s permission.  We are there to provide laughter, brighten a day, share city resources and let our residents know that they are not forgotten.

Our volunteers truly care and have already made a difference through our Stop By & Say Hi Program.  Since 2009 when it was started, they have had a major impact in our community and this program has been received with open arms.

We encourage you to try our Stop By & Say Hi Program by recommending someone you know, love and care about to participate in this rewarding program.   All you have to do is complete the Stop By & Say Hi Referral Form on the back of this letter, submit it to the Satellite Beach Police Department and we do the rest.  Our friendly visits will start immediately.  We will take the time to listen, answer questions, share city resources and keep the lines of communication open.

If you would like more information about the Stop By & Say Hi Program, you can contact Linda Harlow at the Satellite Beach Police Department, phone number: (321) 773-4400.  We will be glad to take referrals over the phone or through email at

If you have questions concerning the Stop By & Say Hi Program, please contact Linda Harlow at (321) 773-4400 ext. 460 or email