School Guards

The Satellite Beach Police Department is looking for responsible, dependable, concerned adults to participate in our School Crossing Guard Program.

Our School Crossing Guards assist elementary and secondary school children in crossing congested intersections or heavily traveled roads.

Anyone interested should contact Lt. Darren Frost, Crossing Guard supervisor at 773-4400 ext. 467 or email for more information.
The purpose of the Crossing Guard Program is to provide for the safety of children crossing streets to and from school sessions by:

  • Encouraging patterns of proper crossing behavior by school children
  • Deterring school children, as necessary, from committing unsafe and unlawful acts
  • nforming motorists, by appropriate signals, that school children are using, or about to use, the crossing and have the right to proceed
  • Observing and reporting to their supervisor incidents and conditions that present a potential hazard to pedestrian safety.
There are eight permanently assigned Crossing Guards throughout the City at appropriate school zone times.

  • Surfside Elementary Entrance
  • Cinnamon Drive and Thyme Street
  • Cassia Boulevard and South Patrick Drive
  • Fountains Entrance
  • Holland Elementary Entrance
  • Chevy Chase and South Patrick Drive
  • DeLaura Middle School Entrance
  • Shearwater Drive and Poinsettia Avenue
Typically, School Crossing Guards work one half hour in the morning and one half hour each afternoon. Some zones are extended for longer periods to accommodate more than one school.

Questions regarding School Guards may be directed to Lt. Darren Frost at (321) 773-4400 ext. 467 or email