Proper Use of 9-1-1

911 Do's and Don'ts

911emergencyDo - Call 911 in the event of a Police, Fire or Medical


  • Do - Remain calm
  • Do - Speak clearly
  • Do - Answer all questions
  • Don't - Make prank calls
  • Don't - Hang up, before speaking with an operator first
  • Don't - Yell into the phone
  • Don't - Call if there is no emergency
Questions a 911 operator may ask:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Where and when the incident occurred
  • Is medical attention needed
  • Suspect description and mode of travel
  • Vehicle description and direction of travel
  • Were any weapons involved and if so, what kind
  • Are drugs or alcohol a factor
  • Are all parties involved still there or in the area
Why so many questions??

911 operators are often faced with the dilemma of speaking with a distraught caller; the operator is usually the first contact during this critical time.It is important to remember that when speaking with a 911 operator, you must try to remain calm! This makes it easier for our operators to understand you. We understand this is easier said than done, all we ask is that you try to be as calm as possible so we can get the information we need.Even though it may seem like the questions are taking up too much time, dispatchers are trained to ask specific questions for different circumstances.With the cooperation of the caller, we can ensure the most prompt and safest emergency response possible.

Questions or concerns regarding the use of 9-1-1 may be directed to Megan Carrothers at (321) 773-4400 ext 493 or email