Operation NOW

Choices, Decisions and Consequences


The Operation NOW program is an “in-your-face” driver safety program with a 911 re-enactment of an auto accident, EMS response, helicopter airlift, a behind the scenes look at the Trauma Centers Doctors’ working to save lives.  It includes a graphic slide-show presentation narrated by Satellite’s Resource Officer, Paul Creatura.

NOW also includes the use of simulator equipment, goggles, etc.  Along with my husband, Rene Rubiella who gives an emotionally charged account of what is it like for a parent to lose a child in a fatal car accident, we also invite guest speakers, accident survivors and the District Attorney to tell their stories.

Contrary to the past when the program was available only to high school seniors bused to Patrick AFB, this year it will be open to the public.  All teens ready to begin driving or who’ve just got a license or permit are now able to attend and bring their parents!  We all have bad habits and sometimes need to be reminded of the dangers of driving while distracted!

Watch this site for photos of this year's event and posting of next year's schedule.