Found Property

Updated: 12/20/2018

The following items are in Found Property at the Satellite Beach Police Department:


Bicycle Model Silver Canyon 21 speed

Sports Equipment JB478 #1 - one female beach cruiser blue and silver with black seat


Cellular Telephone JM482 #1 Samsung phone with cracked screen in blue/clear case with Insurance

Keys AC487 #1 One Hyundai Key w/ CVS and Vitamin Shoppe cards on Hunger games lanyard

Cellular Telephone PAC466 #1- Cell Phone iphone in black case with cracked screen

Keys PAC466 #2- 2 keys on ring with pink fox fob attached to a lanyard

Tools JM482 #1 Band-It tool- blue/rust

Keys JH476 #1 Chrysler key w/ Blue keychain

Cellular Telephone SO483 #1 Iphone Model A1660. Severly damaged

Cellular Telephone SM484 #1 Apple iPhone w/ blk otter box

General JH476 #1 Blue box with three clear angels inside

Drugs/Narcotics JB478 #1 25 white tablets, 0.4 mg nitro tablets

Ammunition PM486 #3 (20) 9mm rounds

Wallet/Purse/Luggage AC487 #1 Brown Jansport backpack w/ clothes

Jewelry/Precious Metals MH 473 #1 White and Yellow watch with aqua face

Other MH 473 #2 Glasses with black frame

Electronics VB472 #1 Samsung galaxy s7 edge

Questions regarding found property may be directed to Heather Nealis via email: or phone (321) 773-4400 ext. 142.