Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Division maintains our agency's accreditation and training programs.
A team of Assessors from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation completed a three-day inspection of the agency during July of2009 to verify State accreditation standards are being adhered to.The Satellite Beach Police Department was the first police agency in Brevard County to earn state accreditation in 2000.Since the initial accreditation, assessors visit the department every three years to examine policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with more than 250 standards, specifically for Florida Law Enforcement Agencies.

Accreditation is not only a tremendous benefit to the citizens in our community but also to the members of the police department itself.By achieving and maintaining accreditation, the department is required to establish specific guidelines to govern the agencies operations in all areas including how traffic stops are conducted, prisoner processing, evidence handling and when audits are required, just to name a few.For our citizens, accreditation means that the Satellite Beach Police department is following accepted procedures that have been established by a committee of law enforcement executives from around the State of Florida to ensure that the highest standards of police practices are being met.

The Satellite Beach Police Department maintains the highest standards in training, well exceeding the minimum requirements established by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Our agency utilizes several in-house instructors, outside agency experts and training centers like the Institute of Police Technology and Management, to ensure our officers and support staff receive the highest level of training available.

Questions or concerns regarding our Professional Standards may be directed to Commander Brad Hodge at 773-4400 ext 463 or email at