Alarm Permits & Procedures

The Satellite Beach Police Department requests your cooperation in complying with the requirements of Chapter 22, Article II of the City Code. This chapter was necessary due to the number of false alarms our department has received over the years. Click on the button and it will take you to the City's main webpage, where this code is posted.

Alarm Permit Information

As an alarm owner, you are allowed 2 false alarms within a nine month period before a fine is incurred. On the second notice, you will receive a Written Warning alerting your attention to a potential fine. A properly installed alarm system should not produce any false alarms (even in inclement weather). The person who operates the system should know the proper code. An alarm should note be "too sensative" to frequencies which would cause a false alarm.
The Third False Alarm and any thereafter will result in a $50.00 fine for each occurrence. It is the alarm owner's responsibility to ensure that their system is in good working order and those individuals using the system know how to operate it. Any problems are between you and your alarm company. You are obligated to pay whatever fines have been incurred. Your check should be made payable to: The City of Satellite Beach, c/o Linda Harlow, Satellite Beach Police Deptartment, 510 Cinnamon Drive, Satellite Beach, FL 32937. It can also be paid in person. After the nine month period is up, you will be granted a new grace period for two more false alarms.
This Alarm Permit Forms are available to be downloaded from the City Website. Click the appropriate link below:

If you have questions concerning Alarm Permits, please contact Sherry Driggers at (321) 773-4400 ext. 491 or by email at