Customer / Citizen Service

Organizational Chart

Satellite Beach Fire and Paramedic Services exists to enhance the "Quality of Life" for those who live,work, visit or otherwise invests in our Community.

What We Do

Satellite Beach Fire Department, an I.S.O Class 2 Department, funded in 1960, is a "Full Service", "All Hazard", and "Unmet Needs" agency serving the residents of the City of Satellite Beach, Florida and the surrounding communities. The services provided include but are not limited to:

• Fire Suppression
• Paramedic Level Advanced Life Support
• Technical Rescue
• Hazardous Materials Technical Response
• Water Rescue
• Public Education Programs
• Community Health Programs
• Injury Prevention Programs
• Fire Life Safety (Fire Code Inspections) Programs

How We Do It

Satellite Beach Fire Department is comprised of 20 personnel serving in the positions of “Professional Career Firefighter-Paramedic” and “Professional Reserve Firefighter”. Satellite Beach only recruits and retains the best personnel. These dedicated men and women are supported by the community, by providing the Department with the best equipment, the best training, and competitive benefits for its personnel. In return the City receives the best services, provided by highly trained and compassionate responders who are willing to risk everything to care and provide for the community they serve.