TeleHealth - Remote Monitoring Program

The Satellite Beach Fire Department has launched a new innovative program that expands the Community Paramedic Program.  All current and new Community Paramedic clients will be provided a wireless blood pressure monitor for daily use to record their blood pressure and pulse rate. These recordings will be uploaded through the Internet to a secure website that will allow the Community Paramedic to review in between their weekly visits.

For patients who have more complex issues such as congestive heart failure, respiratory issues, and diabetes, they will be provided additional equipment as needed.

One goal of the Community Paramedic program is to improve the health status of its citizens. To reach this goal, the client and / or the family must be an ACTIVE participant in their health improvement. The remote monitoring program requires the client to actively take steps each day to self-monitor their vital signs.

This program is free and is supported by the generous donations from the congregations of "Our Fathers House" and “Satellite Beach United Methodist Church”.

This is a perfect example of the community coming together to address a community problem.