Spotlight on Safety

Fire Safety for School-Aged Children:

Click here for Fire Safety Station Tour YouTube video.

This video is meant to supplement the safety tours that usually take place throughout the year. It is important for kids to understand the importance of fire safety. 

This video will go over key points such as STOP, DROP, AND ROLL, what to do if your home is on fire, and what you need to know in case of an emergency.  

We will also take you on a short virtual tour of your own Satellite Beach Fire Station #55, as well as show you some of the safety equipment we carry on our fire engines.

We hope you enjoy - and remember: STAY SAFE!

Fire Safety for Older Adults:

Did you know that older adults have an increased risk of dying in a fire?

• In 2010, older adults (ages 65 and older) represented 13 percent of the United States population but suffered 35 percent of all fire deaths.

• Older adults are 2.7 times more likely to die in a fire than the general population. The risk worsens as we age. People ages 85 and older are 4.6 times more likely to die in a fire.

• Older adult males are 62 percent more likely to die in a fire than older adult females.

And did you that that Satellite Beach Fire Department offers free smoke detectors and will install them for you?

To request more information:
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