Mobile Integrated Health

Community Paramedic Program
Satellite Beach Fire Department offers in-home health evaluation for older citizens who have chronic health conditions.

Community Health Paramedics will schedule appointments to visit citizens in their homes as needed to conduct physical exams and check up.

Program Goal (Aim)

• Enhance the overall patient health care experience, including quality outcomes and customer satisfaction

• Improve the overall health of our population

• Reduce overall healthcare cost

Services Provided

• In-Home Paramedic exam on a weekly visit
• 12 Lead ECG
• Vitals including weight
• Blood Glucose
• Oxygen Saturation
• Medication review and compliance
• Nutrition review and compliance
• Link with Primary Care Provider(s) to provide first hand observations about the your health status and potential needs
• Link to Community Services to enhance your quality of life

TeleHealth - Remote Monitoring Program

Case Studies

Satellite Beach Senior Care Network

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Volunteers In Motion Partnership