Community Paramedics

The Satellite Beach Fire Department, as a part of the Communities for a Lifetime Initiative, offers an innovative service designed to assist citizens to stay in their homes longer safer, healthier, and happier.

The Community Paramedic Program offers free in-home health evaluations for older citizens who have limited mobility, are homebound and have chronic health conditions that are self-managed.

The health care system is a complicated process. These patients generally have multiple physicians depending on their condition(s), get their medications filled at different pharmacies and usually do not have an advocate to assist them.

In January 2015, the Fire Department reorganized its staff and created a full-time Community health Paramedic Program without increasing budgetary cost. The Community health Paramedic provides home visitation, wellness examinations, monitors medication and nutrition compliance and works collaborative with the patient’s primary care provider, allied home health services; family and community partners to create a community based chronic health care community.

In addition to this program, Satellite Beach Fire Department has teamed up with iHealth Labs, a California based company who manufactures home health monitoring products to provide wireless blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors, weight scales and oxygen saturation monitors. Participants in the program are required to monitor their blood pressure and other vital signs, which are securely uploaded to a dashboard that can be remotely monitored by the Community Health Paramedic. The intent of the program is to encourage patients to take an active part in their own health care. Each morning, the Community Paramedic reviews the patient daily vital signs and calls the patient to provide positive reinforcement and encouragement when things are looking good, and follow up if daily vital signs are out of the normal range for that patient.  This innovative approach using “off the shelf” home health monitoring products allows the Community Paramedic Program to be both effective and efficient.

The beauty of this Program is that it has been funded by the community through donations - giving the Department the ability to monitor up to 20 patients in the City without using taxpayer funds.

For more information on our Community Paramedic Program, call 321-773-4405 x309