Case Studies

Meet Doris - She is a 84 year old female who lives alone. Like many older adults, Doris has several chronic health issues, including hypertension and insulin controled diabetes. Doris has been a frequent user of 911 emergency medical services from her fire department, for falls and medical emergencies including severe hypoglycemia as a result of taking her medicine without eating properly. 
When Doris entered the program in January of 2015, she received weekly visits from her community paramedic and was provided a wireless blood pressure cuff and wireless glucometer. These devices synced with her iPhone (she is a savvy user of technology) and are uploaded to a secured dashboard. Since entering the program in January 2015, her community paramedic was able to hold Doris accountable on her medications and diet. When she entered the program in January, her A1C was 12 and five months later her A1C is now 8. 
Meet Joan - She is a 78 year old female who is legally blind and lives alone. Joan also is an insulin dependent diabetic. Joan fell one day and was on the floor for more than 6 hours before she was discovered. While she was in the hospital recovering, a community health paramedic was able to work with family members, home health care agencies, and other community services to get Joan the help she needs to keep her in her home longer and most importantly safer. Today Joan is still living independently with the help of home health care, meals on wheels, and fall detection monitoring. The community paramedic still visits Joan on a weekly basis. Though Joan does not use any remote medical monitoring equipment, with constant support from all of her health care providers Joan’s A1C has been reduced from a 12 in February to an 8 today.
Meet Ellen - She is an 81 year old female who lives alone. Ellen has hypertension, recent onset of CHF and diabetes controlled by oral medication, and she recently had knee replacement surgery. The community paramedic was contacted to assist family members who coordinated her health care, but had a pre-scheduled vacation planned. The community paramedic stepped in and realized Ellen needed a lot of monitoring and worked directly with the Physical Therapist and Home Health Nurse to make sure that all of her needs were met. 

As Ellen transitioned out of physical therapy and her allotted home health nurse services the community paramedic set Ellen up with a wireless Blood Pressure Cuff, Wireless scale, and a wireless Glucometer.  In addition, Ellen was provided a small tablet PC with built-in Internet so her vitals could be uploaded to the patient care dashboard each day. Prior to this, Ellen had never been a user of technology and today she is taking an active part and uploading her vitals each day. Ellen was at high risk for re-admission into the hospital for post knee replacement, yet she had not had acute complications, all thanks to her integrated health care team and her family.
Meet Bill - He is an active 78 year old male who lives with his wife. He recently was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had begun an aggressive treatment regimen. Bill began having incidents of falling.  One might assume this may be a natural condition of his treatment including chemo-therapy. The community health paramedic was able to determine that Bill had been prescribed several medications for hypertension. The community paramedic was able to work with the patient's primary care provider and reconciled the medication prescribed and stabilized his blood pressure. Bill's condition improved rapidly and Bill was able to graduate out of the program.