Beach Bonfire Rules

All recreational fires must end by 12:00 Midnight  Please make sure you follow the safety guidelines.

All applications must be 21 years of age and older and the applicant MUST be on site at all times during the recreation fire.

All recreational fires must be extinguished  by midnight. Overnight camping is not allowed.  The following are the rules and conditions of your permit.

  • Recreational fire permits are subject to public record request

  • Applicant must be 21 years of age or older and must remain on site the entire time.

  • The recreational fire shall be constructed at least 25 feet from the beach access ramp, dune line or any other structures.

  • Recreational fire SHALL NOT be greater than 3 feet in diameter and/or GREATER than 2 feet in flame height.

  • Permit holders must have extinguishment material available such as a bucket of water or sand and a shovel.

  • You may only use commercially purchased, seasoned, dry firewood or Duraflame type products. This firewood can be purchased at most hardware stores, food stores and home improvent stores. No Exceptions.  If you break this rule you will be shut down and your permit revolked

    The use of lumber, plywood, pallets, trees, Christmas trees or any wood with that is painted, has nails, pressure treated or such IS NOT PERMITTED. Permit holders who violate this rule are subject to fines, penalties, and clean up cost. If a permit holder violates this rule,  the fire will be extinguished, the permit will be cancelled and the permit holder will be banned from further permit applications.

  • The use of flammable liquid or products to start the fire is prohibited.

  • The fire department reserves the right to cancel any permit if the department believes a violation or unsafe conditions are present.

  • The permit is non-refundable. Rain Checks may be isssued on a case by case basis.

    Recreation Fire Sites MUST BE FULLY CLEANED prior to your departure. Failure to do so will result in a ban of future recreation fires by the applicant.

  • Please be sure to read the site specific instructions for each site after booking your bonfire!