David Vigliotti

David Vigliotti David Vigliotti

Satellite Beach is an amazing place to live and raise a family. There are few places on Earth that can match the quality of life and sense of community that exists in our little beach town. I am running for Satellite Beach City Council in order to preserve this way of life for future generations. As a member of the Satellite Beach Sustainability Board, I have been working tirelessly on that mission for the last five years. Moving forward, we face many challenges such as lagoon water pollution, rising sea levels, and an aging water and utility infrastructure. Additionally, as our little town gains in popularity we need to ensure that our resources are protected, growth is planned and managed, and we remain one of the safests cities in the country. 

Both my wife, Nicole, and I were privileged to experience Satellite Beach as children. We both graduated from Satellite High School (Go Scorps) where we met. September marks our 27th Wedding Anniversary- our wedding took place right here at Holy Name and the Officers Club.  Work and wander had us traveling and living throughout the US and abroad for a bit. Six years ago we returned with our three sons because we both knew this was the place we wanted to raise our family. It's the best move we ever made as we are now surrounded by extended family, childhood friends, and like-minded neighbors. Everyone can see the beauty here wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian river lagoon but the real beauty is the soul of our community.

My experiences include that of teacher, coach, and small business owner. Since returning, I have worked extensively with the Satellite Beach City Council for the last five years and have developed the relationships that will protect and move our city forward.  Please allow me  to be your advocate on the Satellite Beach City Council to preserve our community and unique lifestyle.