Sustainability Workshops 2018

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Workshops are part of the City’s Sustainability Action Plan’s Green Achievement Target #7(Public Workshops). It is part of an ongoing series of sustainability workshops covering sustainability projects, volunteer opportunities, and eco-friendly initiatives. Workshops take place at City Hall, 565 Cassia Blvd. For more information on workshops check out our Facebook at

Workshop #1 Isn't It Swale - January 25th, 2018

The Isn't It Swale workshop focuses on what bioswales are and how they are beneficial to the environment. This workshop discusses the Desoto Parkway Drainage Basin Stormwater Enhancement Project and how it reduces the impact of stormwater.   

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Workshop #2 Nice and Native - February 23rd, 2018

The Nice and Native workshop focuses on the importance and the role native plants have in the ecosystem and in sustainable landscaping. The Nice and Native workshop includes a guest speaker, Kaylyn Palmer from Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB). Kaylyn Palmer discusses the Lagoon Friendly Lawns program, the benefits, and how you can be involved.  

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Workshop #3 Lawn Maintenance & Stormwater - March 22nd, 2018

The Lawn Maintenance & Stormwater workshop addresses fertilizer applications and the role of native plants in lawn maintenance. The topics of sustainable landscaping and the impact of stormwater and lawn maintenance on the environment from residential homes are covered. This workshop has two guest speakers from the University of Florida IFAS extension office, Linda M. Seals the Community Development Extension Agent and Sally Scalera the Urban Horticulture Agent & Master Gardener Coordinator.

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Workshop #4 Dark Skies & Sea Turtle Nesting - April 26th, 2018 

The Dark Skies & Sea Turtle Nesting workshop addresses the Dark Skies initiative, how it relates to sea turtle nesting and how you can be involved. Includes a guest speaker, Nicole Perna, from the Barrier Island Center and Sea Turtle Preservation Society.

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Workshop #5 Community Involvement & Stewardship Opportunities - May 31st, 2018 

Community Involvement & Stewardship Opportunities workshop focuses on local community involvement and stewardship opportunities throughout Satellite Beach. General information on how you can become a sustainability and how to get more involved with local community volunteer programs, organizations, and events is discussed. Additionally, the City's Stormwater Education & Application through Stewardship (SEAS) program will be discussed.

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Workshop #6  Recycling and Sustainable Products - June 28th, 2018  

The Recycling and Sustainable Products workshop addresses recycling guidelines, the importance of proper recycling, and how as individuals you can reduce your impact on the environment. Also, the different sustainable, eco-friendly products that can be used to replace harmful single-use plastics such as straws and water bottles is mentioned. This workshop discusses what the Satellite Beach city government is doing in terms of recycling and how it is attempting to phase out single-use plastics from its working environment and events.

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