The Pelican Array 

The Power of Pelican: 

Photo_Solar_Car_Canopy Pelican Beach Park now hosts a solar car canopy that is affectionately called The Pelican Array. This 25-kilowatt array, designed, built, and maintained by Florida Power and Light (FPL), was implemented as a part of FPL’s SolarNow program, a program that is meant to help educate and showcase solar energy to the public through small-scale installations such as this system. Another local example of this program is Brevard Zoo’s solar trees in their kangaroo pavilion. The land on which the array has been built is leased to FPL and the clean energy produced by the system goes directly back into the grid. The Pelican Array is the first solar car canopy on City property. If you want to learn more about FPL’s SolarNow program or see energy data from The Pelican Array, check out the link below. Photos of the system and its construction can also be seen in the gallery below.