Grant Opportunities

Grant #1
As part of the City’s Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) a new program has been created to incentivise homeowners to create living shorelines and stormwater retention on their property. This program known as Sustainability and Steward ship creates opportunities for residents to become more involved in helping to create resiliency in the City and restore the health of the surrounding environment. As part of this program the “LIVING SHORELINES HOMEOWNER INCENTIVE PILOT PROGRAM” is currently available for residents who live directly along the lagoon. This program will aid in the completion of three of the Green Achievement Targets (GAT`s), #10, #18 and #20. All of these GAT’s focus on land and water systems as the category of implementation under the three pillars of the SAP; Social, Environmental and Economical.

This small plant grant for lagoon front homes will serve as part of the City’s match for a National Estuary Program-funded grant partnership between the City and the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). As part of this program residents who live along the lagoon can apply, on a first-come, first-served basis, for a minimum of $100 with a maximum $500 in matching funds to create either a living shoreline or bioswales along the Lagoon-side of their backyard.  Funds can be used to purchase plants and related materials for the exclusive purpose of reducing stormwater impacts on the lagoon. Spent funds will be reimbursed upon completion of the planting when all receipts are presented.

Applications are available here and should be emailed to or delivered to Nicholas Frank Sanzone, Environmental Programs Coordinator for the City of Satellite Beach at 565 Cassia Boulevard Satellite Beach, FL  32937. Please direct any and all questions to Tel:  321.773.4409 ext. 227 or Fax:  321.779.1388 or E-mail:


Thank you for your interest in this program there will be more programs in the future that will be created to compliment this program pending the approval of the program grants in this fiscal year.

As this project receives applicants the applicants will be vetted and once approved all of the projects progress will be documented and project photos will be shared here.