City EV charging stations

City charging stations:

Photo_Pelican_Beach_Park_Electric_Vehicle_Charging_StationSatellite Beach installed its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station on City property in 2016 at Pelican Beach Park (pictured right). This new piece of green infrastructure was one of the first accomplishments of the City’s Sustainability Board. Since then, per the City’s Sustainability Action Plan, which calls for the installation of at least one EV charging station at a municipal building under Green Achievement Target #4 by 2022, the City has installed two more public stations at its City Hall and Civic Center complex. All three of these stations came from a company called SemaConnect and are very simple to use. The City's three charging stations are compatible with all current North American electric vehicle models and do not require a SemaConnect account to use even though this an option for the public to utilize. According to the company’s website, to begin charging at one of these three sites one can:

  • Use your SemaConnect Pass

  • Start a charging session through the SemaConnect App, available for iPhone and Android

  • Start a charging session through the PlugShare App

  • Call 1-800-663-5633 and press “9” to start a charging session by phone

Each station lights up near its top with an embedded LED light strip. The charging stations can be:

  • Solid Blue – There is no vehicle plugged into the station. It is working and available for use.

  • Flashing Green – There is an electric vehicle plugged into the station and the station is delivering a charge. This car does not have a full battery.

  • Solid Green – There is an electric vehicle plugged into the station, but the charge is complete. The vehicle has a fully charged battery.

  • Solid Red – The station has experienced a ground fault and is currently unable to deliver a charge.

Photo_Pelican_Beach_Park_Electric_Vehicle_Charging_StationShould you ever see one of the City’s charging stations lit up in solid red please notify City Hall as quickly as possible so that the issue may be addressed. Also, if you do not have an electric vehicle please do not park in a registered EV parking space. EV parking spaces are denoted by a bright green paint and the EV charging symbol, which can be seen in the image to the right. Parking a traditional internal combustion vehicle in a designated EV parking space is against the law in Florida and will result in a noncriminal traffic infraction.

The City of Satellite Beach is actively researching new municipal sites to install new EV charging stations in order to expand EV infrastructure across the City, County, and the state as a whole so has to help reduce overall vehicle emissions, noise, reduce fuel costs, and decrease our nation's dependence on fossil fuels. The City is also researching and planning to continue transitioning its own vehicle fleet with more alternative fuel vehicles as battery technology and range continually improve year after year.  

Consult this map to find all of the City's current EV charging stations and all others in the local area.