City bat houses

Going batty for bats: 

The City is taking the lead in an effort to promote the use of bat houses throughout the area. Bats serve as natural mosquito control, are native to Florida, and also serve as pollinators. Under the direction and initiative of the City's Sustainability Board, Satellite Beach has installed six total bat houses within the City limits. An updated map showcasing the bat houses six specific locations is included on this page below. We welcome you to visit any one of these six sites and let the City know when you see any bat activity.

Displayed on each bat house support pole is a plaque detailing the benefits of hosting bats. For more information regarding all things bats please visit the website of the Florida Bat Conservancy here. The City partnered with the Florida Bat Conservancy to help install its bat houses.

For more information please contact the City's Environmental Programs Coordinator, Nicholas Sanzone, via email ( or phone (321-773-4407 ex. 227).