The 50's

17 May 1958.  The City Emblem is Launched 

1958 Satellite Pole
   To promote the new town of Satellite Beach, a "satellite"
   was erected on A1A between Harwood and Glenwood
   Avenues.  Brothers Shine and Hub Hedgecock along with
   cousin Jimmy Caudlebuilt a sphere made of sheet metal 
   measuring five feet in diameter with metal cups attached to
   catch the wind and make the satellite rotate.  On launch day,
   the PAFB Commander and other Space Program
   dignitaries were present to watch and participate in putting
   the satellite into orbit.   As a tractor pulled the tower cables,
   a small charge of dynamite was detonated sending bundles
   of talcum powder into the air like smoke from a rocket
   engine. With the tower erect and secured, the satellite
   rotated in the breeze to the pleasure and amazement of the
   crowd.  Unfortunately, the satellite remained aloft for less
   than a year (Mar 1959) with the tower succumbing to
   corrosion and high wind.  Pictured atop the tower on launch
   day is city resident
Betty Atkins.

21 Dec 1958.  First City Hall and Fire Department


The first City Hall, Fire Dept, and Police Dept were all housed in one building and built on land donated by Percy Hedgecock. The entire complex cost the City $6500 and was built in 4 months by volunteer labor.