Found Property

Updated: 1/4/2018

The following items are in Found Property at the Satellite Beach Police Department:

  • Gold Ironhorse Warrior 19" boys mountain bike
  • Blue Roadmaster "Granite Peak" bike
  • Thirty white fence lining
  • Pink, purple and white girls bike.  Magna "Misty"
  • 12" Boys bicycle JEEP, white /orange
  • Ozone500 Two Zero blue/white Model # GS42044
  • Mens Schwinn bike black/white
  • Toyota Key
  • Multi-colored wallet/purse with key attached and garage door  opener inside
  • Black ABUS combination lock for bike
  • Black GPS ankle monitor
  • One black double zipper wallet
  • IN DL
  • Diamond like key chain lanyard with Wal-Mart brand key and pepper spray inside of broken pink holder
  • Black and gray iphone 5 
  • Black wallet w/FL DL and misc items
  • Red Coach wallet w/misc items and FL DL
  • Four keys on a yellow Landshark key chain
  • Wallet with FL DL and misc cards, no cash
  • iPad mini in case w/stylus
Questions regarding found property may be directed to Patti Noe via email: or phone (321) 773-4400 ext. 305.